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Parents Letter from Maples staff

Dear Parents, 

Changes to weekly planning  

As we will not be able to open in full for the rest of the summer term we have made some changes to the way we share ideas and activities. Each week we will upload planning for the nursery class and toddler room. 

At nursery we will be following the ideas from the weekly plan and would like to give all children opportunity to take part in similar tasks. 

We are mindful that not all children have access to a garden and will offer a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.  

If you do try some of the ideas at home and would like to share photographs, please email them to or upload onto EExAT. If you are happy for the photographs to appear on the website, please add a message to the email… “I am happy for this image to be used on the Maples website.” 

If you prefer that we only use the image at nursery we can print them and display them in the classroom so children at Maples can see what their friends are doing.  

We hope that you are staying safe and look forward to seeing what you do with the suggestions. 


Kind regards, 


Everyone at Maples 


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