Maples Children Centre

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Staff at Maples Children's Centre

The Centre has a dedicated, well trained and very experienced staff team.

Headteacher:                Linzi Leigh

 Finance Admin:          Marie Goodrick

 Admissions Admin:  Romaine Etchike

Children's Centre Services co-ordinator: Michelle Smith

Caretaker: Barbara Manufor


Staff working with the two year olds


Natasha Arnold

Michelle Montana

Yasmin Faroun

Marsela Hitaj

Somaya Omar

Faiza Cige


Staff working in the nursery class

Andriana Papacrysanthaki - SENCo

Conor Doyle - class teacher

Kathryn Pitt

Maggie Jesue

Parvin Danialian

Sarina Seleiman


Extended day and Children's Centre staff


Natalie Moors

Meymuna Osman

Barbara Manufor



Maples Children's Centre
East Churchfield Road, Acton, London W3 7LL

Tel: 020 8743 7128

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